• Mrs. Janice (Canada)
    stars "All Freme staffs were friendly, helpful and pleasant with a smile. Erick was extremely knowledgeable. Freme has a real asset in having Erick as an employee. He always has answers to our questions. Thank you!"
    Mrs. Janice (Canada)
  • Sharon & Jim (Australia)
    stars Excellent facilities i.e boat, foods and lodge. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff who were efficient and made us very relaxed and happy. You have a very great team with excellent facilities. Keep up the great work. Diyana was lovely. Thank you. We will definitely recommend you.
    Sharon & Jim (Australia)
  • Victoria Ng (Singapore)
    stars Great Tour Guide throughout the journey. Mr Syuib is an excellent tour guide for our group. The students enjoy his approach of communication and love his presence. Thank you for having Mr Syuib with us.
    Victoria Ng (Singapore)
  • Ms. Hannah Rush (Britain)
    stars I Really enjoyed the whole tour all the staff were so friendly, helpful and made me feel like part of their family. The food was delicious and the rainforest was beautiful. Keep up the goodwork!
    Ms. Hannah Rush (Britain)
  • Tsorapi Aimilia (Malaysia)
    stars The tour guide was very helpful. He gave us very good and interesting information about the place and options that we had. Eric gave us very good solutions and proposals and we had a very nice experience in Brunei 
    Tsorapi Aimilia (Malaysia)
  • Noorlina Zaihal (Brunei)
    stars Excellent and thank you for the good service and excellent food. Really enjoyed the waterfall and flying fox.
    Noorlina Zaihal (Brunei)
  • Roussecot (Australian)
    stars Very Friendly guide. Great boats. The staff were very flexible with our requirements.
    Roussecot (Australian)
  • Janet Leong (Malaysian)
    stars I had a very good trip & will definitely recommend my friends & friends about Freme, if I am to come to Brunei for any outdoor trips. I will look for Freme. The tour leader was very knowledgeable about the tour & keeps the visitors safe. Feels very comfortable during the trip and all are very friendly
    Janet Leong (Malaysian)
  • Janet Leong (Malaysia)
    stars I had a very good trip and will definitely recommend Freme to my family and friends. Next time I am in Brunei for any outdoor trips I will look for Freme. Tour leader was very knowledgeable about the tour and was very friendly.
    Janet Leong (Malaysia)
  • Takashi Kawabata (Japan)
    starsWe enjoyed the tour very much! Thank you and keep up the great work. Tour highlights  were the longboat, and natural fish spa.
    Takashi Kawabata (Japan)
  • Jambi Nasib (Syria)
    starsWhat made this Trip Worthwhile in the Freme  crew. They are professional as well as very polite & helpful.
    Jambi Nasib (Syria)
  • Sumithri Rekha  (Singapore)
    stars Everything was was great. Water activities were super fun. Freme staff are awesome and friendly. Very Helpful.
    Sumithri Rekha (Singapore)
  • Mr S J McCann  (Britain)
    stars The environment at the lodge was very good! Created by very friendly staff and the surroundings were meticulously clean and tidy. The long boat ride was great fun with the driver and guide pointing out interesting animals, trees  etc. The views from the top of the viewing platform of the canopy was Amazing.
    Mr S J McCann (Britain)
  • Paul & Ali  (Australia)
    stars Such a nice and relaxed tour! Thank you. The food was outstanding and plentiful. The friendly guide who was happy to answer questions, explained lots. Very Knowledgeable. We will recommend to Lonely Planet our friends and family.
    Paul & Ali (Australia)
    stars Just want to say a quick THANK YOU for helping me avail this Temburong package! We have had a very enjoyable time and our Guide Azeem was awesome and helpful.... we will surely do this again in future and we will recommended this to our friends and family!
  • Steve & Jenny Clark
    stars Recently I booked 2 trips to Temburong with Freme. First, with my wife and the second time with my in-laws. Both times were absolutely wonderful experiences and I would recommend these trips to everyone! From meeting at the jetty, Fiona guiding us in Temburong, Hazim, Ginda, all the team are totally professional and friendly. The food is delicious! All the activities are very safe and appropriate. The boat rides are amazing. So my wife and I are very happy and we all really enjoyed ourselves. We hope to book again Soon.
    Steve & Jenny Clark
  • Peter Dalglish (Canada)
    stars Everything was so well organized. Excellent guides & boatman. Pristine nature.
    Peter Dalglish (Canada)
  • Eugene Loh, Yusof Halim & Partners Advocates & Solicitors
    stars We would confidently say that all of us thoroughly enjoyed ourselves under your teams care. Everyone is still talking about it in the office and not doing their work properly....Your team’s hospitality and care was beyond doubt 1st class quality. You have a great team taking care of Temburong Lodge.  I would like to thank Min and his team for handling our group of 48 pax so professionally and efficiently.  
    Eugene Loh, Yusof Halim & Partners Advocates & Solicitors
  • Stella Lee (Malaysia)
    stars Tour guide is very friendly, very helpful with everyone in the group. I very much enjoyed the canopy walk and rafting. I really enjoyed my trip, and the lunch was very delicious. Will Come Again. Like, like, like! Thank you Freme.  
    Stella Lee (Malaysia)
  • Fazilat Khan  (New Zealand)
    stars Thank Fiona and Michael, great service, delicious food!  
    Fazilat Khan (New Zealand)
  • Jennifer Chua (Brunei)
    stars The whole experience was absolutely amazing. Truly unexpected! Tour guides Hairi, Michael and Fiona made the tour even more unforgettable, with their genuinely friendly and courteous guidance. It is truly appreciated. Everything was perfect, big thumbs up!
    Jennifer Chua (Brunei)
  • Niazreena (Malaysia)
    stars Variety of activities, guides excellent knowledge, friendly & helpful nature, and safety where the reasons why I had a great time and would recommend to others to visit. All the staff were great and the tour was well organised. Thank you for keeping to our schedule and being flexible. We really enjoyed the trip to the longhouse, it was a brilliantly unique experience.  
    Niazreena (Malaysia)
  • Edward (Malaysia)
    stars The longboat was fun. We feel very safe with the help and guidance from both of our guides (Azeem and Hairie). Everyone in the lodge was very helpful, patient and friendly. Our guides were very patient with us at the Canopy Walk. Keep it up!  
    Edward (Malaysia)
  • Katriva & Artis (Lativa)
    stars We were impressed with how well the staff took care of us. Everything was flexible, easy and enjoyable. The flying fox was awesome!  
    Katriva & Artis (Lativa)
  • Yasmin, Flint & Eman (New Zealand)
    stars Fiona and her team were brilliant, they were so friendly and provided excellent service. The rafting over the rapids was great fun! Keep up the good work.  
    Yasmin, Flint & Eman (New Zealand)
  • Lisbeth (Denmark)
    stars Nature was very beautiful, the food was very tasty and everyone was very helpful and well organised. We enjoyed everything about the tour!  
    Lisbeth (Denmark)
  • Harris (UK)
    stars All of the activities were very relaxing. As a whole I would definitely recommend the Temburong Adventure Package.  
    Harris (UK)
  • Heindrik Thoen (Belgum)
    stars Fiona went the extra mile to ensure that we saw as much wildlife as possible. This was highly appreciated. She was very knowledgeable, and shared some personal experiences. This personal touch made this trip particularly special experience for us.  
    Heindrik Thoen (Belgum)
  • Kong Mee Ho (Canada)
    stars The canopy walk, zip line, night walk, water rafting, well everything was great!The staff were very knowledgeable, very friendly, super helpful. Would love to come back again!  
    Kong Mee Ho (Canada)
  • Enrique (Spain)
    stars All was good! Excellent experience, friendly staff and wonderful activities. Thank you.  
    Enrique (Spain)
  • Aruna (Nepal)
    stars I enjoyed the whole trip, but I loved the peaceful surroundings. The service was really good, the company of the tour guides was lovely and they were knowledgeable. Visiting the national park was a nice experience.  
    Aruna (Nepal)
  • Newton (UK)
    stars It was very easy to relax in the amazing scenery. The staff were very attentive, friendly and professional. The experience was really good and the children had a lovely time.  
    Newton (UK)
  • Mr & Mrs Jawwa D.S. Kitawaja (Pakistan)
    stars The scenery was wonderful and the waterfall was so soothing. Hairie was so caring and the trip would not have been the same without him. You have wonderful staff!  
    Mr & Mrs Jawwa D.S. Kitawaja (Pakistan)
  • Sarah & Fabrizio  (USA & Italy)
    stars I really enjoyed climbing to the top of the rainforest and floating down the river. The guides were really friendly, helpful and fantastic with the children. A fantastic experience!  
    Sarah & Fabrizio (USA & Italy)
  • Haleela Banu  (Canada)
    stars This was such a fun experience. We couldn't get enough of the rafting and swimming. Everything was well done!  
    Haleela Banu (Canada)
  • Glenn Hardaker (UK)
    stars The whole rainforest experience was outstanding. Hairie was a wonderful guide.  
    Glenn Hardaker (UK)
  • Jingle De Leon (Philippians)
    stars The whole forest experience is fantastic. The zip-line over the river was amazing. We would love to come back  
    Jingle De Leon (Philippians)
  • Trevor Cook & Helen Knight (New Zealand)
    stars We did not want it to end! From the longboats to the friendly staff and great scenery, this tour was amazing.  
    Trevor Cook & Helen Knight (New Zealand)
  • Ann He (China)
    stars Our guides were so much fun. We loved singing with them. Rafting was amazing and the tour was great.  
    Ann He (China)
  • Rayan / Kurncitha / Nantha (Malaysia)
    stars The longboat ride to the national park was unforgettable. All of the activities on offer were amazing and the guides Fiona, Nini & Hairie were very helpful.  
    Rayan / Kurncitha / Nantha (Malaysia)
  • Katrina & Artis
    stars Everything was flexible, easy and enjoyable. Flying fox is awesome - make another longer version.  
    Katrina & Artis
  • Marina Kortehaas - Netherlands
    stars Loved everything! Have been treated like a queen.Learn many knowledge on the nature and culture of local people. They gave so much attention to me and the nature.I left the forest as a richer human being. Many thanks!  
    Marina Kortehaas - Netherlands
  • Angus Wong - Canada
    stars Great Tour and Guide . This is an amazing Experience !!  
    Angus Wong - Canada
  • Park Jung Hyun
    stars Everything was perfect.Especially clean facilities and amazing guides!  
    Park Jung Hyun
  • Jonathan & Brooke - Britain
    stars Really enjoyed just about everything.The sunrise was a particular highlight and the night walk such an unusual experience.However everything was made so wonderful by exceptional guides.  
    Jonathan & Brooke - Britain
  • Kong Mee Ho - Canada
    stars The staff is very knowledgable, very friendly, super helpful,very conscious in mind and in practise.Keep up the good work. Would love to come back again!  
    Kong Mee Ho - Canada
  • Enrique- Spanish
    stars All was good! Excellent experience,friendly staff and wonderful activities!  
    Enrique- Spanish
  • Aruna Gurung - Nepal
    stars I enjoyed everything in the tour ! The guides were very friendly and helpful. They looked after our needs really well. I loved the tour!  
    Aruna Gurung - Nepal
  • Newton - Britain
    stars I love the amazing scenery and the mix of activities prepared.The tour have very attentive staff who were friendly, professional and fun! The sorroundings is also very relaxing.  
    Newton - Britain
  • Stella Lee - Malaysia
    stars I enjoyed the Canopy walk very much! Rafting is so much fun , i hope next time i come again the rapids would be faster and stronger but it is understandable that it is for our very own safety if the current is too strong it is not advisable to do it.But so far everything is very good and i really enjoyed my trip plus the lunch is very delicious.I will absolutely come again !  
    Stella Lee - Malaysia
  • Jingle De Leon
    stars The forest trail is fun and exciting!I was very nervous about the zipline and i thought i couldnt make it but i did and i have so much fun!Everything is so fantastic!  
    Jingle De Leon
  • Lisbeth - Denmark
    stars The nature is very beautiful, the food was very tasty and everyone is very helpful and well organised.I enjoyed it all!  
    Lisbeth - Denmark
  • Nazreena - Malaysia
    stars Had an excellent time! All the staff were great and the tour was well organised. Really enjoyed the trip the longhouse,it is a very unique experience.  
    Nazreena - Malaysia
  • Jennifer Chua - Brunei

    stars The whole experience was absolutely amazing. Truly unexpected. Our tour guides Hairi, Michael , Fiona and in fact everyone from FREME including people in the lodge made the tour even more UNFORGETTABLE with their genuinely friendly and courteous guidance. It is truly appreciated.

    Jennifer Chua - Brunei
    10 - 11 /09/2016
  • Tran My An

    stars Friendly, knowledgeable  tour guides.I love visiting the mosque and water village. I also love the great food ~

    Tran My An
    30 /1 - 2 /02/2017
  • Maria Bitri - Italy

    stars I loved every minute of this day.I loved the canopy walk , climbing to the top of the observation tower and doing the flying fox.

    Maria Bitri - Italy
  • Kevin Jones - USA

    stars It was a very great outing , There was a lot of varied activity, It's very serene with a lot of beautiful scenery.The staff was very friendly,competent and fun! I would recommend anyone to do the trips with FREME .

    Kevin Jones - USA
  • Jeanmarc Stricker

    stars It was a very fun trip, well-organized and most importantly the fresh water shrimp was EXCELLENTLY DELICIOUS!

    Jeanmarc Stricker
  • Edward - Malaysia

    stars The longboat was fun! we feel very safe with the help and guidance from both of our guide, Azeem and Hairie. Everyone in the lodge was very helpful, patient and friendly.Our guides were very patient with us at the canopy walk. Keep it up!

    Edward - Malaysia
  • Daniel - Australia

    stars The tour guide was excellent, Fun long boat experience and good supervision provided all throughout the tour.

    Daniel - Australia
  • Nick - UK

    stars Everyone enjoyed everything. Service was exceptional . All the activities were excellent. The children loved it from start to finish. Fiona our tour guide was outstanding.

    Nick - UK
  • Saumweber - USA

    stars Our tour guides , Rawie and Fiona was very nice and energetic . We love the canopy walk. The food is great especially the Sticky rice in banana leaf.

    Saumweber - USA
  • Tapan - Nepal

    stars I loved swimming at the waterfall  and rafting at the river. I enjoyed everything we have done.Everything was spot on.

    Tapan - Nepal
  • Mahmud Hussain - Bangladesh

    stars We enjoyed the friendliness and social conduct of the staff of the lodge. There are professionally competent, socially amiable and co-operative with each other.Their ever-smiling attitude makes them endearing to the visitor.

    Mahmud Hussain - Bangladesh
  • John - USA


     The tree top experience was FANTASTIC! The zipline was great fun for the kids.

    John - USA
  • Alexander -Britain


     Spending time with good company,good food & good entertainment. Everything was very good, fun,relaxing and the guide was very friendly , helpful and fantastic!

    Alexander -Britain
  • Irma Zavitri - Indonesia


     All the activity ,especially the tower climb. The view was just awesome. We were so speechless about it.

    Irma Zavitri - Indonesia
  • Goedhart - Netherlands


    I love it that my childrens can do the activities with ease and safely .They enjoyed it very much.

    Goedhart - Netherlands
  • Heo Yun Yi


    Brunei have the most beautiful rainforest ive ever seen before and the longboat is very adventurous and interesting

    Heo Yun Yi
  • Low leng leng - Brunei


    Brunei have the most beautiful rainforest i've ever seen before and the longboat is very adventurous and interesting

    Low leng leng - Brunei
  • Mori Koichi / Junko Ryotaro


    Our guide has vast knowledge about the nature and very warm-hearted She is very wonderful and we all spent our tour comfortably .We ate delicious meal in restaurant and we thank Yuki for giving us a very good tour~

    Mori Koichi / Junko Ryotaro
  • Azlan - Malaysia


    We are very satisfied and enjoyable. Personally this is my first visit and i extremely enjoyed it

    Azlan - Malaysia
  • Yumi Suzuki


    Brunei is very clean and very peaceful, the slow pace and fresh air are the most satisfying value. Local places are very unique and local people are very friendly and warm.

    Yumi Suzuki
  • Lisbeth (Denmark)
    stars The Nature which is very beautiful. The food was very tasty and everyone was very helpful. Well organised. Enjoyed it all.
    Lisbeth (Denmark)


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