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2014 Package Tours

The world is a grand oasis of adventures waiting to be had and memorieswaiting to be made. Let Contiki show you the way! Past travellers have left Contiki yearning to return to their favorite countries and create new memories or to strike out to new destinations for a whole new adventure. So whether you're planning a Gap Year, winter retreat, summer trip, or just looking to get away, your journey with Contiki is bound to be a new and exciting one.

Visit Europe — a traveller's rite of passage, Australia — a surfer's paradise, or New Zealand — the adventure capital of the world. Uncover the mysteries of Egypt, Russia and Mexico. Trek across the USA & Canada. And explore up-and-coming South East Asia. The world's a big place, but Contiki's got it covered!


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  • Hotel Tipping
  • Ferry Crossing

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The world’s a big place, but for those in the know, South East Asia is on the radar as the continent that has it all. From the global metropolis’’ of Bangkok and Saigon to remote villages in Laos, from 21st technology to simple rural living and from high fashion to hand woven textiles, South East Asia is a smorgasbord offering a thousand ways to thrill and chill.

No area matches Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam for sheer diversity, each country an individual gem with a personality all its own. Shop and stay with hill tribes in Thailand, cruise the Mekong in Laos, take cooking classes in Cambodia and swim the jade green waters of Halong Bay in Vietnam.


Rates are in (Euro) Currency

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Europe is easily one of the most diverse regions of the world. With over 40 countries linked together on the second smallest continent in the world, the variety and range of cultures and experiences Europe provides is simply second to none.

With over 60 itineraries as well as custom and charter tour, Contiki’s Europe provides something for every traveler, adventurer, vacationer or holiday maker.



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