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10 ways to stay safe on your next holiday

10 ways to stay safe on holiday

You have spent your hard earn cash, counted down the days, and its finally time to relax and enjoy your holiday. Before you go you need to be prepared. So, here are some of our top tips for staying safe whilst on holiday.


safe medicine holiday

Always check if you need to have any vaccinations before you travel. Most destinations will require you to have certain inoculations. Make sure that you check with before you travel. If you need to take any medication with you, split it up between your person and luggage. So, that if your bag is lost you will not be left without. This goes for contact lenses as well. From my own personal experience I can tell you it is not fun having to go around a busy city half blind.

Do your Research.

safe guide book

This is important not only to make sure that you have a great trip. But, will prevent any misunderstandings of the local way of life. Learning a couple of phrases in the local lingo can go a long way in getting an authentic experience. The more you know the easier your trip will be. Knowing the local laws and etiquette will prevent you unknowing wandering into trouble.

Important Documents

Safe travel documents

When you are traveling you are going to have to carry around a lot of important documents. What happens if they get lost damaged or stolen? We would strongly recommend making electronic copies of your documents and sending them to your inbox so that they can be easily accessed via a smartphone.

Leave the kitchen sink at home (literally)

safe over luggage

You are only going for a week or two, not trekking to the South Pole. There is no need to bring a mountain of clothes with you. Pack for your destination. If you are taking a trip to Finland or Russia then coats are a must, but if you are hoping over Thailand or Egypt then only bring light clothing. You don’t want to take unneeded risks. So, leave that Pandora bracelet or $2,000 watch at home.

Carrying Money

safe cash

It should go without saying not to walk around flashing the cash. When you are out and about only take what you need. It would be wise to keep your money in a different location upon your person to your other important documents. Also make sure your valuables are not visible. So when you are sat down for a nice meal, place your purse or bag on your lap or in front of your feet with the strap around your leg.  Don’t make it easy for potential thieves.

Travel Insurance   

safe travel insurance

So, you might be on a budget and think I don’t need travel insurance. Nothing will happen to me! This will be of no comfort to you as you wave your phone or wallet you left in a taxi goodbye. I speak from personal experience; nothing is scarier than being in a foreign place and having no cash to get home or a way of contacting anyone. Travel Insurance is a lifesaver, widely available and very cost effective. From a lost bag to injury, buying the travel insurance will put your mind at ease.

Letting people know your whereabouts.

safe talking

Okay, so we are not saying that you should shout it from the rooftops. In fact, sharing your holiday plans on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook may give some unscrupulous people the opportunity to sneak around your house when they know you won’t be in. However, it would be wise to let your family or a close friend know your itinerary. This way if something happens to you, people will be looking out for you. They can also keep an eye on the personal belongs you left behind.

Be aware!

safe stress tourist

Whilst it is nice to look at the fantastic sites and immerse yourself in the local culture. Make sure that you keep an eye on your personal belongings. Before leaving any place look back at the space you were occupying just to make sure you haven’t left anything behind. Pay attention to the advice from guidebooks and your embassy and stay away from unsafe areas.

Stranger Danger

safe stranger

Be careful of strangers on the street offering their goods or services. It is more likely that they are trying to lure away your personal belongings. It is always nice to meet new people and get to know the locals. But be careful. Common tourist scams involve crooks trying to get close to you so that they can lift your wallet out of your pocket.

Blend in

safe tourist

Looking like your tourist with your flashy watch out, camera hanging around your neck and nose deep into a phrasebook or map is not a good look. Not only that, but these things will certainly make you stand out from the crowd and potentially be a target.

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