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15 Awesome Waterfalls In Asia Worth Chasing For !

The world is a beautiful place, especially where nature has been left untouched to build its own empire. Waterfalls, for instance, are particularly beautiful and stunning works of art signed by Mother Nature, which is why we decided to create a list with the 15 most awesome waterfalls in ASIA worth chasing for !


Erawan falls

The Erawan Falls consist of actually 7 waterfalls, each one higher up than the other. Every single waterfall forms pools of crystal clear water, bright turquoise in color. The path up to the last fall is quite demanding and takes a bit of time but it is sure worth it. You can swim in each one of the waterfalls but beware of the fish – they actually bite and nibble on your feet. And these species are bigger than the ones in those fancy fish spa aquariums. Make sure to take your hiking boots and set out early as this place can get pretty busy. – Philipp Dukatz



Not only intrigued by the fresh cool atmosphere with mountains endlessly stretching, Sapa is also impressive with majestic and magic beauty of the waterfalls that the Creator favorably bestows for the region. Silver Waterfall has long been famous as one of the wonderful tourist attractions in Sapa. The waterfall falls down from the height of more than 100m. Standing at the foot of Silver Waterfall Sapa, looking at the vast heaven and earth and the majestic mountains from afar, tourists seem to feel themselves so small before the wonders of the nature. – Alotrip

3. Wachirathan Falls – THAILAND


Doi Inathon National Park is located in the North of Thailand, not too far away from Chiang Mai and it is named after the highest peak of Thailand, Doi Inathon. The park is home to several waterfalls and one of them is Wachirathan Falls. It is segmented but has an overall height of 80 meters. In the wet season it becomes a roaring monster, covering the whole area in its mists. But even in dry season, when I was there, it makes for a very impressive sight. – Philipp Dukatz



Located in Alamanda, North Cotabato, Philippines. 2 hours from Midsayap, North Cotabato ( 1 hour away from Cotabato city) this amazing waterfalls is one you definitely want to see. The waterfalls vastly differ from most waterfalls because they burst out of the rock cliff. The plants that are making the cliff their habitat made it look more fantastic and just awesome. – Solotaire


kuang si

Kuang Si Falls, or sometimes spelled Kuang Xi, is a three tier waterfall about 30km outside of Luang Prabang. Shallow pools form at the lower part which then leads to the main fall with a 60 meter cascade. You can climb to the top and actually cross over but it is steep and quite slippery. You can swim in most of the pools and one even features a swing which of course draws the biggest crowds. Same as with Erawan, this place gets busy. Make sure to be there as early as possible to enjoy a few moments of silence before the tours arrive. – Philipp Dukatz



An exotic water fall near cherapunji of north east India, fed primarily by rain water, plunging into rocky bed from a height of nearly 1120 feet. From the view point on the hill opposite to the fall, it seems that water streamline passing through verdant valley and fall down from the cliff. The water is transparent and often form rainbow in bright sunny days. The water accumulated at the bottom is exuberant Emerald’s green in colour which is extremely soothing to eyes and invigorating indeed. The local belief behind the origin of the fall is really heart-rending posted in the hoarding at the right side crossing the entrance. Emerald is called “the stone of successful love” and the colour, one will see at bottom water truly justifies imperishable heart-felt love and affection of distressed Mother Likai for her daughter. – Ankita S



Tappiya Falls was probably one of the heaviest waterfalls I swam in. This massive fall is tugged away behind the Batad Ifugao Rice Terraces. Once in Batad, you can hike there on your own but be aware that the trail is very steep and can be treacherous. Before you can even see Tappiya Falls, you can already hear its roaring sound as massive amounts of water drop down from 30 meters above. The brute force of the waterfall creates a weather of its own. Wind and mist blowing everywhere. The current it creates is so strong that there is no way to make it close. With all that and its chilly waters, Tappiya Falls is a grim beauty of a waterfall which you won’t forget. – Philipp Dukatz


tad alang

The Bolaven Plateau, a region within the Champasak Province, is known for its many beautiful waterfalls. Everyone who visits seems to have a different favorite, but Tad Alang is one of the best.Tad Alang creates a beautiful mist that often forms rainbows. – Sam Shepard


Located not far from the capital city , at peaceful and serene Tasik Lama recreational park.Take a journey to the depths of your own consciousness. These places will catalyse introspection and leave you with more than just pretty photographs to remember them by.The water falls calmly accompanied by the sounds of nature and it is perfect to just close your eyes and take all that tranquility in. – Rlynn


Pongour Waterfall, Dalat, Vietnam. The region is known for its romantic landscapes, rich with valleys, springs, lakes and pine hills. Among various waterfalls, Pongour, surrounded with a huge unspoiled forest, definitely stands out.It is about 40 m high, 100 m wide. Its polished steps look like a natural amphitheater! A stream of water powerfully plunges down these seven staircases, filling the air with a loud sound. The waterfall is imposing, but not formidable. Its beauty is poetic and praised by the locals as well as tourists. –


Picturesque scenery boasting one of Japan’s most beautiful gorges which has been selected as one of the nation’s Top 100 Natural Views – planetyze



Yongso Waterfall is a waterfall flowing from a height of 6 meters and it has various myths about it. According to one legend, this was where a magical beast named Imugi lived before turning into a dragon and flew out into the sky. The beauty of this nature, which strikes the surface with clear water, also stands out with its environmental beauty. The green forests in the valley, which is cold in summer, are covered with red leaves in the autumn. Yongso Waterfall, located in Yongso Valley, is located in Gangwon-do. – Korea Tourism


The Tapis Waterfall, or popularly known as Rainbow Waterfall, is probably the most beautiful waterfall in Malaysia ( if weather conditions are perfect ) and can be reached by lorry via a 10 kilometres laterite track followed by a 10 kilometres logging trail from Sungai Lembing town. Here the waterfall drop vertically and as it splashes down, the water is broken up and reaches the bottom as mist and in the process forms a rainbow usually between sunrise and 11am when the sun is at a certain angle. – FunnyMalaysia


Not going to lie, I was pretty exhausted when i finally got to Lombok since it took about four hours to get there. So when the hotel offered the choice of two waterfall tours, one an hour farther than the other, I was extremely close to picking the one closer by. BUT, they also insisted that the farther one, Sendang Tiu, was the best waterfall there was. So I went.Turns out Sendang was pretty awesome, and probably my favorite waterfall that I saw in Indonesia. It looks like there’s one big massive waterfall in the middle with ten smaller ones rushing down a dark stone wall, with bright green vines separating them like they were designed and maintained by a professional landscaper.It’s also a favorite amongst locals because you can actually swim in it. It’s cold, yes, and it’s slightly dangerous because you have to walk on slippery stones in rushing water to get to the base of it, but totally worth it because, who doesn’t want to swim under a waterfall? – Alyssa-


Hidden at the end of a deep valley in the foothills of the Tengger range, the Madakaripura Waterfalls is not to be missed when making a trip to Mt Bromo. This spectacular waterfalls consists of curtains of falling water along a stream leading to layers of cascades encircling a main cave.Try to reach there before 2pm for a magnificent photoshoot with a waterproof camera, whilst the rays of sunlight pours continuously into the caves. Raincoats are available for purchase but you may wish to bring your best looking raincoat or brollie for a memorable shot. – Lawrence Soh

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