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5 ways to avoid jet lag! Tips from the insiders

5 ways to avoid jet lag! Tips from the insiders


Jet lag is awful and we all experience it when we fly. Tired and groggy? These are just some of the side effects of a long haul flight. Arriving at your well earned holiday destination feeling rubbish, is not the best way to start! So, we have spoken to frequent flyers, flight attendants and health care professionals to give you the best possible chance of beating jet lag and getting the most from your break.

Drink Water & lots of it!


 Dehydration can be a real problem. According to many medical experts your body is just not set up to travel across multiple time zones in such a short period of time. At the high altitudes your body becomes dehydrated and thus requires more water. Water will help the oxygen flow through your body and keep you refreshed. So, make sure to buy a couple of extra bottles of water before you fly.

Catch some Z’s!


It is important to match your body to the time zone of your destination country. On the flight, sleep for an hour or two to allow your body to restock its energy supplies. Airlines will often dim the lights and turn up the temperature to help your body fall into a natural slumber. Just don’t overdue it! Sleeping for more than 4 hours on a flight can leave you groggy and unwell. If at all possible, avoid napping when you arrive in order to avoid jet lag creeping in.

Light & Exercise!


Go outside and explore. Its your holiday after all, you don’t want to waste it in bed! When the sun is out so should you be. Natural daylight will help your body adjust to a new routine following most flights. When you are back at your hotel leave the curtains slightly open so that in the morning the natural light will help to wake you up.

Go to bed earlier.


Getting to sleep can be as hard as staying awake. However, if go to bed earlier than you normally do it will help you to get a good night’s rest. This will help you to wake up refreshed. If you find it difficult to sleep, make sure to shut out the light, drink a hot drink and listen to some soft relaxing music. Personally I find doing all these things before you travel works best to combat jet lag. A couple days before you travel, try and match the time zone of your destination country. You can do this by staying up or going to bed a couple of hours extra to get your body adjusted.

Give yourself and others a break.


When people are tired, they become sensitive and act beyond their usual character. Flying long haul is not just physically draining it can have a negative effective mentally as well. Give those people a bit of space and try and be as nice as possible. Being around like-minded people is a good idea.

Bonus Tip: Right before you bored set your watches and phones to the destination time. This little will help to trick your mind into thinking about a new time. We hope you enjoyed these tips. For more travel tips, tricks and deals don’t forget to like us on Twitter & Facebook.

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