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8 Things You Need to Stop Caring About on Holiday


Holidays are all about switching off from day to day life, putting your out of office on and taking a break from everything. They’re a time for relaxation, enjoyment and fun. But in this day and age with all our new technologies, it’s so easy to get caught up in the things we should be forgetting about, whether that’s work matters back home or the pressure to keep up with societies unrealistic ‘norms’ that we’re lead to believe in the media. So to help, here are 8 things you really need to stop caring about in order to make the most of your time away.


1) Work emailsNow, this is one that even I’m guilty of. If you have access to your work emails on your mobile, then it’s so easy to just ‘have one little look’ over breakfast. You might think that it’ll make your workload easier when you get back in the office, but just don’t. Your ‘out of office’ is there for a reason – people aren’t expecting you to reply, they’re expecting you to be sunning it up on a beach somewhere, enjoying your holiday.


2) What you eatYes, it’s absolutely fine to go on a healthy eating regime in the lead up to your holiday. And of course there are always options to eat well while you’re away too, but don’t let this affect the enjoyment of your holiday. Don’t be riddled with guilt when you go up for that second plateful at the hotel buffet – it’s not every day you have such an array of deliciously tempting foods in front of you. And who can resist that mid-afternoon ice cream? I know I can’t, so why should you?


3) Buying souvenirs – This may be quite a controversial one, but most souvenirs just don’t do it for me. Not the tacky, mass-produced ones with the resort name plastered all over them anyway. I’d much rather pick up something locally handcrafted and tasteful, if anything. But I’m never sure how appreciative of these gifts the people who receive them back home are, so don’t get too bogged down trying to find the perfect tea towel for great aunt Mildred.


4) Social mediaIf there’s one thing I think we’re all guilty of; it’s being consumed by social media. It’s all well and good occasionally letting people back home know what you’re up to (I mean, who doesn’t love a cheeky airport Facebook check-in to get the jealous juices of your friends flowing), but don’t let it take over your holiday. Holidays don’t last forever and before you know it, it will have flashed by through the lens of your smart phone instead of you actually taking it all in for yourself.


5) The flightsUnfortunately, events over recent years have resulted in a lot of people being put off flying on holiday. For some, the fear of getting on a plane is big enough to make them sacrifice their usual holiday in favour of something a bit closer to home. But what if I told you that there are over 100,000 commercial flights taking off around the world every single day? It’s still remains the safest mode of transport, so shouldn’t stop you from experiencing the holiday of a lifetime.


6) MoneyHolidays aren’t always cheap. You might find yourself a good deal, but then there’s all the spending money to take into account when you get there too. But don’t forget that a holiday is an exciting treat that you’ve probably been looking forward to for months in advance. Yes, be sensible, but don’t turn down that excursion you love the sound of or that meal at the posh looking restaurant just because it’s €10 over your budget.


7) ExerciseThis may well be the very last thing on a lot of people’s minds when on holiday, but for those who are regular gym-goers, a break from the routine combined with all-you-can-eat buffets can leave some feeling bad about the lack of exercise. But come on, you’re on holiday! Enjoy the break and get back on it once you’re home. You’re bound to be doing more exercise than you realise anyway, what with swimming, exploring and maybe even hiring bikes.


8) Time – Have you ever found yourself two days into your holiday and already you’re sad because “ohh, we’ve only got five sleeps before we have to go home”? We spend so long counting down the days ‘til our holiday, then all of a sudden we’re counting the days before we come home! Stop wishing your time away. Stop fretting that you’re going to miss dinner because you’re too busy witnessing a breathtaking sunset. Stop worrying that you fell asleep on the sun lounger and wasted an afternoon. Just stop. And enjoy…

Article by Thomas Cook.

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