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Brunei Darussalam, The Abode of Peace with Amazing Sunsets

Brunei Jetty by Salvador27

There is nothing quite as mesmerising as watching the perfect sunset. Sitting down with your love ones or just simply admiring the breathtaking sight of the sky full of colour, as the sun begins to shrink out of sight; accompanying you, while you breathe in the fresh air or read a book while having a drink of coffee.

Capturing the exact moment on camera is an art form and while I have yet to master it, I still have a lot fun doing it. Even when I am without my camera, I love nothing more than watching the sun set over the horizon. I am fortunate to live in Brunei where the sunsets are like art portraits painted of the same locations with inconsistent gorgeous colours on different days by a painter on a run of creative madness. Surely you must be wondering just how amazing these sunset are: here are some pictures given by our own proud locals and also from sunset loving travellers that visited Brunei, The Abode Of Peace with Amazing Sunsets.

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