Cinemas, retail shops, restaurants and cafés, supermarkets and bowling alleys make the malls and shopping complexes in Brunei popular hotspots for all

Brunei may not be known for shopping, but the insatiable thirst to shop has led to an abundance of new shopping areas, especially around the capital of Bandar Seri Begawan.

Some of the more popular shopping complexes in Brunei are Hua Ho Department Stores which are located across the country; The Mall in Gadong; Airport Mall, Times Square and Citis Square which are located next to each other and a short drive from Brunei International Airport (BIA) and Seri Qlap Mall in Kiulap.

The major shopping precincts in the Sultanate can be found in Gadong, Kiulap, Kampong Delima, Serusop, Batu Bersurat and Mile One area. There are also many shops scattered along Jalan Tutong particularly in the Tanjung Bunut area.

Located in the heart of Gadong central, The Mall is among the top destinations in the country. It is Brunei’s first shopping mall that came with the first modern cinema complex.

It is no surprise that The Mall easily became a popular and favourite destination among the locals and tourists. With two branches situated at Kiulap and Gadong, Deseo Boutique and Home Decor is a popular one-stop fashion boutique, home decoration and gift store.

The boutique offers a wide range of fashion-wear and accessories to suit all ages, styles and sizes. Customers can also find in the home decor and gift section items that are unique and elegant.

Seri Qlap Mall is also a popular place boasting a variety of eateries and boutiques, as well as a multiplex cinema. The shopping complex is located in Kiulap area.

The Old Airport area is also fast becoming the new attractive and popular place for shoppers. The major shopping complexes such as Citis Square, Airport Mall and Times Square are located here and are only a short drive from the BIA.

Cinemas, retail shops, restaurants and cafés, supermarkets and bowling alleys make the malls and shopping complexes in Brunei favourite shopping hotspots. Many supermarkets in Brunei offer an array of imported and local goods at reasonable prices.

Several popular supermarkets located across the country are Utama Grand Superstore, Hua Ho Department stores, Giant Hypermarket and Soon Lee Megamart.

SupaSave is a popular supermarket among the locals and expats living in Brunei. The supermarket has branches located in the capital of Bandar Seri Begawan and Seria town in Belait district.

Giant Hypermarket is an increasingly popular shopping centre offering more than 100,000 products ranging from fresh, chilled and frozen groceries to general merchandise at low prices. The one-stop shopping centre is located in Tasik Rimba.

Many new shopping complexes are established in other districts like in Tutong district.

One of these being the brand new Berjaya Square shopping complex in Tutong which houses Tutong’s first modern multiplex cinema. Other than that, Petani Mall and Tutong Central Mall are among the popular shopping areas in the district.

Specialty shops offering local handmade products and items unique to Brunei can be found throughout the country.

Traditional hand-woven clothes, or locally known as Kain Tenunan, are popular purchases among tourists. These can also be found at the Brunei Arts and Handicrafts Centre at Kota Batu.

A popular type of Kain Tenunan is the Jong Sarat which is considered an exquisite masterpiece. The beautiful gold or silver threaded material truly reflects the artistic beauty and fine workmanship of a quality cloth.

The Jong Sarat is traditionally handwoven and is typically passed down from one generation to another. It makes as a unique souvenir gift and is usually worn on royal and state occasions, and other formal events such as weddings.

Souvenirs provide a good reflection of a visitor’s time spent in a particular country.

In Brunei, souvenir shops can be found at the Brunei International Airport. The Royal Selangor, located at the Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Shopping Complex, offers a wide range of souvenirs.

Sumbangsih Mulia, Beribi offers a range of local handicrafts such as hand-woven baskets, traditional clothes, knickknacks, pewter and jewellery.

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