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Diving need to know 101

“When I think of my dives, so many great moments pass through my mind. One of my favorites was when we spotted a school of hammerheads right below us. I descended a few meters, there was sharks on each of my sides and I was able to swim along with their school for a moment. Hammerheads are not the only sharks you can see here, there are silky sharks and galapagos sharks as well. There are also some very rare sand tiger sharks that call Malpelo home. There are only a few sites in the world that you can spot this shark and even here in Malpelo it is very difficult”

As we read , it probably sounds like it is written beautifully like an adventures stories in amazing novels but the truth is it an amazing experience told by AMANDA ZEISSET during her adventure dive in Malpelo with the hammerheads sharks. And just like me, you probably would love to experience such magical diving but does not know how to start and what we need to learn diving therefore i did some research and found a very easy and clear guide 101 on how to get into diving by

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