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Honeymoon Destination

Having a hard and confusing time choosing your honeymoon vacation? From budget to location, there are many factors that go into the decision making for the best honeymoon trip. We can help! Here are some themed honeymoon places to start off with.

Beach Honeymoon

borabora by mlledenise

Bora - Bora

Simply put, Bora Bora embodies the perfect and most idyllic honeymoon destination. This is a place to come for bright blue lagoons, charming bungalow accommodations, relaxing sandy beaches, and brightly colored hibiscus flowers. Located in French Polynesia in the South Pacific islands, Bora Bora has been described as the most beautiful island in the world.High mountains and dramatic scenery set the stage for this ultra-romantic paradise honeymoon destination. Highlights of this honeymoon include hiking Mount Pahia, scuba diving, Teavanui Pass, Marotetini royal Marae, and the beautiful lagoon. Bora Bora is known as the Pearl of the Pacific, and there are many amazing hotels and resorts to choose from to make your stay comfortable and luxurious.
jeju by BambooTravel

Jeju, Korea

Jeju Island is the most famous destination that shouldn’t be missed by honeymooners as it offers gorgeous beaches, picturesque scenery, inactive volcanoes and its other fascinating natural wonders. Feel the excitement and romance of Jeju Island while exploring it with your significant other.
maui hawaii krystle baldwin

Maui, Hawaii

Time, and time again, Maui is consistently voted the best island in the world by numerous publications. Therefore, it is absolutely the best place in the world to have an island-style honeymoon ! Spend your romantic vacations on Maui, soak up the glorious Hawaiian sunshine, feel the healing vibes of the warm pacific ocean, and immerese yourselves in the spirit of aloha.
maldives by ovholidays


If there is one place in the world to take the most epic honeymoon ever it’s the Maldives. A Maldives honeymoon cannot be topped. Think over water bungalows, the craziest shades of blue ever, vibrant marine life, and much more.If swimming with whale sharks is on your bucket list like our’s then you should head to South Atoll. These magical creatures can be found year-round in South Ari Atoll. Being able to swim alongside the largest fish in the sea that can reach lengths of 40 feet is definitely a bucket list honeymoon item.

Posatino, Amalfi

This romantic little Italian city is basically a dream come true.The magic and the charm of Positano will be the perfect ingredients to your holiday, and after the stress and concerns of your wedding day, you will enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of our honeymoon Amalfi Coast hotel.

Exotic Honeymoon

morocco by saltinourhair


Morocco’s diverse topography includes beaches along the North Atlantic Ocean & the Mediterranean Sea in the North, the Sahara desert in the South, and a mountainous region in the center will snow-capped hills of the Atlas Mountains.Witnessing sunsets & sunrises, camel trekking, and star gazing in Sahara all you need for the perfect honeymoon.
dubai by slightly ashtray


Sand, sunshine, luxury, and hospitality.Here’s one absolute truth: Dubai has so much to offer newlyweds looking for a memorable honeymoon experience. If you know anything about Dubai, you know it’s a place that’s striving to be the best—at everything. The luxury hub of the United Arab Emirates, it’s a place made up of expats (only a small percentage of the population is native) who share the great vision of toppling world records and stereotypes. It has some of the world’s best shopping, tallest architecture (the Burj Khalifa, at 2,717 feet, can’t be missed, and there’s a gorgeous new Danish-designed opera house), richest dining experiences, and even an indoor ski resort. Yet, a couple decades ago, none of that existed.
japan kyoto by alajode

Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto, the former capital of Japan, known for its numerous ancient Buddhist temple, cultural gardens, imperial palaces, Shinto shrines and traditional wooden houses. Kyoto is a city located on the island of Honshu, also known for its strong cultural tradition such as kaiseki dining, consisting of multiple courses of precise dishes, and geisha. Honeymooner will surely like this wonderful place. If you’re planning to set your honeymoon destination here better check out our list of Top 10 Most Romantic Kyoto Hotels for your Honeymoon.
cappadocia turkey by todaywedate


Dreaming of an exotic honeymoon with wineries, hot-air balloons, hikes, and spa treatments? Look no further than a Cappadocia honeymoon. Cappadocia, located a 90-minute flight from Istanbul, feels a world away from the hustle and bustle of the Turkish capital. And with its unique rock formations, called fairy chimneys, it often looks like another planet altogether. Most of the activities in the region center on the incredible landscape—there’s horseback riding, hiking, and hot-air ballooning—but there’s more to Cappadocia than than its surreal surroundings. For honeymooners looking for an exotic locale with delicious food, luxury hotels, and beautiful scenery, Cappadocia delivers an experience to remember.
machupichu by picchutravel

Machu Pichu, Peru

The Inca citadel of Machu Picchu is a remarkable set of ruins high in the Peruvian Andes, where you can walk amongst the well-preserved remains of a culture past. Steeped in history, breathtaking natural scenery and a warm, welcoming culture, the serene site has long held a unique allure for many travelers- and honeymooners. Whatever your honeymoon style is, Machu Picchu has something for you. Take the train from the quaint town of Cusco, and fill your time with romantic stays in cozy, world-class hotels and evenings in the finest restaurants. Outdoorsy couples will love the opportunity to trek through the rolling mountains on the same path the Incas originally walked. For a unique honeymoon you won’t forget, read all of our tips below on how to honeymoon in Machu Picchu. Not every honeymoon includes a wonder of the world, but yours deserves to!

Adventurous Honeymoon

Galapagos Honeymoon by rainforest cruises

Galapagos Island , Ecuador

Galapagos Islands honeymoons are escapes to one of the wildest places on earth. Known as Darwin's land of discovery, you can discover it all over again!The Galapagos Islands offer pristine white beaches, luxury hotels, peace and adventure for newly married couples looking to escape from the hectic pace of daily life. Below there are 10 reasons why a honeymoon in Galapagos offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience to perfectly complement the joy of the occasion.
St Lucia by unforgettablehoneymoons

St. Lucia, Caribbean

Saint Lucia is an exotic locale for honeymooners with its iconic Piton Mountains and many natural wonders.Honeymooners will enjoy an oasis of romantic tranquility in Harmony, Coconut Bay’s secluded , all-inclusive adults-only wing featuring a coconut palm-fringed quiet pool and bar, oceanfront spa, intimate cabana beds and private hammocks. Couples can relax to the sound of the waves during an oceanfront massage or explore the island in a private island tour for two.


Spend your honeymoon star gazing, taking photos of red sand dunes, game spotting and admiring the barren beaty of the Namib desert. Namibia is pristine, desolate and romantic. experience the thrill of driving through Namibia’s most breathtaking areas including barren desert, majestic red sand dunes giving rise to the world'ds most spectacular sunsets, dry riverbeds with wildlife roaming the course of the rivers, the national park which provides a habitat for big game . Enjoy excellent photographic opportunities and the activities on offer in each region.
andaman india by indiantaxiservices

Andaman India

Mostly looked upon by a newly married couple, the honeymoon places in Andaman are a gorgeous mix of marooned islands, idyllic views, and never ending stretches of white sand. Adorned with nature’s magnificence and lovely resorts, these popular honeymoon places in Andaman are perfect to enjoy romantic sunsets with the love of your life.Plan a honeymoon to Andaman to embrace true colors of nature, celebrate your first-hand diving moments in the depth of the ocean, and look at playful dolphins with a setting sun in the background.
Kangaroo-Island-in-Australia by traveltriangle

Kangaroo Island, Australia

Kangaroo Island is the perfect picture of Australia – wildlife, dirt roads, sheep farms, stunning beaches. Wildlife that amazes all from sea-lions, dolphins, southern white whales, goannas, possums to fairy penguins and fairy wren – such an exciting contrast of wildlife.This rustic island is a foodie’s paradise and the fertile land is surrounded by the great Southern Ocean with the speciality being King George Whiting. The farmer’s markets on Sunday is a must. The island known by locals as KI has some of Australia’s top agricultural producers of marron, cheese, honey and eucalyptus oil.Not only does Kangaroo Island produce some of Australia’s finest gourmet foods, there is so much to do from exploring the islands arts and crafts to taking in the scenic attractions. KI is a photographers playground.

Budget Honeymoon

tulum mexico by sarah mack

Tulum, Mexico

The resorts here are the stuff of dreams.So you want a jaw-droopingly beautiful honeymoon setting—the idyllic white-sand beach and crystalline water. Otherwise the first step to having a dream of a time swimming not just in the Caribbean Sea but also the fresh water of magical cenotes (like underwater caves), sipping tasty concoctions, eating tacos and indulging in pampering native spa rituals is to choose a resort. There are seemingly endless ones in this strip of perfect beach, but some stand above the rest. And with so much within a quick drive, it’s easy to stay one place and go to dinner in hip Tulum or enjoy a night out dancing in Playa del Carmen.
Phuket-Beach-Holidays by ThailandHoneymoonTours


Thailand is a dream destination if you're planning a honeymoon or just wanting a romantic getaway to an exotic location. Most people who honeymoon in Thailand still head to the beaches, and there certainly are some amazing ones here. But if you're looking for something a little more adventurous or different, there are plenty of other places in Thailand that are wonderfully romantic and also off the beaten path.
quebec city by andreacarlquebec_rowellphotography

Quebec City , Canada

Quebec City is so much more than the capital of Canada’s largest province, Quebec. Imagine a honeymoon in Quebec City as North America’s answer to Paris. This gorgeous destination seamlessly blends old andnew in a dazzling array of world-class shopping and dining amid a culture and history both richly traditional and steadfastly unique, rivaling that of France itself. Quebec City recently celebrated its 400th anniversary with great fanfare, revealing the immense pride its wonderfulcitizens place on their past and present as the very soul of New France.
coron palawan phillipine by travezl

Palawan, Philippine

Palawan one of the most beautiful places in the Philippines offering the pure ambiance of nature. An exquisite paradise offering grand beaches, unmatched lagoons, and transcending underground lakes. Palawan is an archipelagic province located in the MIMAROPA region. It is the largest province in the country in terms of total area of jurisdiction.
Vienna by HighEmotionWedding


Brimming with iconic museums, ritzy restaurants and decadent patisseries, Vienna is the perfect city escape if you are looking for a honeymoon filled with culture, food and wine.Once home to Mozart, Beethoven and Gustav Klimt, Vienna offers a plethora of refined entertainment offerings, including the Vienna Boys’ Choir, heard every Sunday morning at the Hofburg Chapel and dance lessons at the Elmayer Dance School, where private dance instructors will teach you the traditional Viennese waltz.

City Honeymoon

seoul korea by


Seoul is a city in Korea which has a lot to offer the first-time visitor. If you want to spend your honeymoon aside from romantic and peaceful places, Seoul’s most prominent features are shopping and dining.Declare your Eternal Love on Padlocks of Love at Namsan Tower, star in your own Korean drama at Nami Island, see Autumn Leaves at Bukhansan National Park, take a Romantic Stroll at Seoul’s Beautiful Parks, meet different cat breeds at cat café and more.
paris honeymoon by


The City of Lights—or of Love, depending on who you ask—is hands down the most classic of all honeymoon destinations. Paris, France, has a reputation for being where countless love stories started, and it’s also where many move to the next level with an engagement. So it’s only natural that it should be where couples retreat after saying “I do.” A Parisian honeymoon, after all, never goes out of style.
venice by traveltriangle


If you really want romance, served a la carte, with absolutely no compromises, then Venice is the one place that does not disappoint. With monikers like Serenissima—'Queen of the Adriatic,' and the 'City of Light'—Venice is as postcard as you expect it to be, with jazz wafting in the air from street bands playing on every other street corner. Wander about town and you’re likely to gravitate towards St Mark’s Square—one of the most recognizable sights in Venice. Napoleon called this place 'the drawing room of Europe'. Listen to live music as you sit and watch the world go by. A perfect way to end a day of sightseeing. It’s impossible not to be drawn into Venice’s long and dramatic history and museums are a dime a dozen.
new york by pictrip

New York

Couples planning a honeymoon in New York have no shortage of romantic options, from charming old-world hotels to chic downtown boutiques.Honeymooning in New York City is a double whammy. Not only will you get a chance to experience this incredible city, you’ll do it together with your loved one in that newlywed glow. For couples looking to take a bite out of the Big Apple in an exciting and new way, honeymooning in NYC offers an unforgettable adventure. From romantic dinners to day trips, NYC offers endless possibilities for creating magical memories together.
honolulu hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii

A honeymoon in Hawaii offers myriad things - adventure, wellness retreats, natural views, cultural experiences, and beautiful places.We’ve all witnessed the breathtaking beauty of Hawaii’s lush, green hilly landscape in photos, or on television or in the movies. If for no other reason at all, take your honeymoon in Hawaii solely for the purpose of experiencing the natural beauty. Hawaii is possibly the most unique state in the United States. It is the only state made up completely of islands, it enjoys a unique native culture in addition to Asian and North American influences, it is technically a part of Oceania (Polynesia), and it is the only state where coffee is grown. The tropical climate is also a big plus point for those planning a honeymoon in Hawaii.

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