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Space in your case: 10 Tips for packing your next holiday!

Space in your case: 10 Tips for packing your next holiday!

space in case

Packing for your holiday can be a stressful experience. What to take? What to leave behind? Can I really get all of my clothes into this tiny case? How do I fit in those souvenirs I got the family?

We here at Freme often have flashbacks of sitting on top of case, attempting to zip it shut, only to have the whole case burst open again. Nightmare! So, to alleviate this problem, we have pulled together a simple list of 10 tips which will allow you to pack more into your holiday experience.

10. All Rolled up!

space in case

Space in your case is valuable. Rolling up your wrinkle resistant clothes is one of the easy methods to maximise space without compromising on what to bring. Using this method will turn your case into a perfect travelling wardrobe. Just make sure to roll your clothes as tight as possible to avoid gaps appearing.

9. Sucking up Space!

space in case

Travelling somewhere cold and need to pack a jacket or two? These bulky items can certainly suck up space if you’re not careful. Place these items into a vacuum bag and suck out the excess air floating around in your case. Upon your return you can even use these bags to separate your dirty laundry.

8. Pack like an Egyptian!

space in case

Build yourself a suitcase pyramid. Your shoes should be lined up against the walls of the case. Next spread out your pants and skirts along the bottom of the case. Remember those rolled up wrinkle resistant clothes? Well, now place them neatly inside the case to form the middle layer. Anything that is more easily creased should be laid on top.

Don’t forget to pack anything that you need easy access to like your documents, chargers or your finest lipstick at the very top of your case. You don’t want to be scrambling around looking for your tickets at the airport or hotel.

7. Whatever the weather!

space in case

Whether you’re shopping in Malaysia, experiencing the cultural delights of Europe or seeking adventure in Australia. Our holidays can be at the mercy of the weather. It maybe tempting to bring that huge umbrella you having lying around just in case. But resist the temptation to bring it with you. Items like umbrellas are very bulky and will take up a lot of space. Instead bring a raincoat. They will provide enough cover from the weather and can be easily packed.

6. Down-size to Travel-size!

space in case

We may want to feel at home when travel and bringing jars full of your favourite shampoo or hair gel may seem like a good idea. Don’t! You are not going to use that large bottle of moisturiser in just a couple of days. Downsize your products and instead purchase the travel-sized versions. These smaller sized bottles will fit perfectly in your the gaps between the clothes in your case and provide you will all you need for your holiday.

5. All the small things!

space in case

Objects like belts, ties, jewellery, socks, hair pins and sunglasses can all fit into the space left by larger items. Pack your socks and loose items inside your shoes. Belts and ties can fit in the collar of a shirt. Not only will these help you save space in your case, but they will help to maintain the structure of the shoes and shirts during transit

4. Dressing for an occasion?

space in case

Valuable dresses and suits can’t just be rolled up like the other pieces of clothing. Especially, if you want them in a wearable condition when you arrive! Put these items in a separate holdall whilst still on the coat hanger. That way when you arrive for that special occasion you don’t need worry about finding an iron to get out those creases.

3. A healthy case.

space in case

You will want to remain healthy whilst you are on holiday. However, there is no need to bring the contents of your medicine cabinet. That space could be used for bringing back that nice new pair of shoes or an extra souvenir.  Placing the medicine in a sandwich bag inside your shoes will provide safe storage and stop your important medicines from get lost in your clothes.

2. Mind the Gap!

space in case

Holidays are special and you will probably want to bring back more than just memories. You may think that it is a good idea to leave some extra space in your case for all the goodies you’re going to bring back for your loved ones. However, leaving this excess space will cause your carefully packed clothes to crease up. Our solution? Fill the gaps with smaller items of clothing. Or if you are travelling light try filling the space with bubble wrap or paper.

1. Do you really need that?

space in case

Pack only what is useful. You are not going to need to pack the contents of your home inside your case. Items such as swimming goggles, straw hats, camera cases and travel guides can easily be purchased upon arrival. With the surge in travel technology, we would also advise downloading a travel guide app, rather than bringing a large guide book.

Bonus Tip:

Tangled Cables!

Space in case

As a special treat we are going to divulge our special way of creating tangle-free cables when packing. Let’s face it nobody likes having to untangle a bunch of cables! So, we recommend using the power of sun-glass cases, or gadgets. Just wrap the cable around the gadget for easy untangling. Or, wrap the cable around two fingers, remove and place inside a small container like a sunglasses case. The tighter the space the less chance of a tangle occurring.

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