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Tales from Temburong: A picture says a thousand words (part 1)

Good Morning and Welcome to the rainforests of Brunei. We recently tagged along with a group of intrepid adventurers to see what Freme’s Temburong tours has to offer and boy were we in for a treat. First stop an early morning sunrise hike. You may have to get up early but the views of almost untold beauty are the reward.

After sampling an authentic local breakfast of Nasi Lemak, Fried Banana, Leaf Wrapped rice and spring rolls. We geared up for a day full of adventure.

Setting out from the rainforest lodge by local longboat. Our local guide navigated up river towards the rafting / kayaking point. Several members of the group set out to battle the rapids on the raft. We opted for the more challenging kayaks. The currents were strong and urging us down river as we passed the densely packed rainforest on one bank and grazing wildlife on the other. Riding through this landscape really makes you feel alive. Certainly no better way to see the surroundings. Or so we thought.

Because the action didn’t stop there. Once we had all arrived safely back at the lodge it was time for a quick dry off and lunch before taking on Freme’s own Adventure Park. Finally a chance to tackle the obstacle course. With a combination of luck and skill we all made it across. Next up the Observation Tower however, to get there we must cross the river. Lucky Freme have built an amazing suspension bridge spanning the width of the river and links directly to the tower.

There is no better place to see the kingdom of hidden treasure than from this tower. Just wow!

Want to see what happens next check out (part 2) next week Thursday!

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