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Term School Holiday is here! Here’s a list of fun activities in Brunei you can do with your friends and families.


1. Experience the best of temburong highlights where adventure awaits.

see Brunei’s unique wilderness rainforest region in Ulu Temburong National park. Travel by local water taxi from Bandar through a network of rivers and channels around the back of Brunei Bay.Pass by dense mangrove islands and Along the way you may see some of the iconic local wildlife as they begin their day by lounging on the river banks soaking up the sun or looking for nice things to eat and then travel upstream through the rapids of the Temburong River using traditional longboats. Climb the canopy towers on the tree top level where you can enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view of the rainforest unfolding in front of you like an ocean full of trees. Enjoy a great lunch of local culinary beside the river, swimming and relaxing while listening to the calming heavenly sounds of water flowing down the river. Visit to an Iban longhouse where locals are very welcoming to visitors.
The longhouse tour was really fun! The Family was very hospitable and friendly and we really enjoyed ourselves very much.The rafting was easy and fun! The guides were very friendly, very professional and were flexible with the schedule to maximize our experience here. Will recommend friends to come and pick Freme Travel Tour Package.

Eunice Zhang - Singaporean


2. Visit the Venice Of The East , Kampong Ayer

Take a boat ride by local “Water Taxi”around Brunei River and visit to the Kampong Ayer houses built on stilts. Bring your kids, family and friends for a tour and learn more about our treasured history with amazing beautiful views. Walk down the wooden walkway ,listen to the boats zooming around splashing water making waves in the river and experience the life of water village locals. Watch a video made by Mamad a.k showing the gorgeous Kampong Ayer.
The non- stop busy life working makes us forgot to take a breath sometimes but when we do, we usually go abroad and so often we do that we forgot about the beauty of our own country. Im glad our groups decided to have a tour in Kampong Ayer. I find myself having a flashback of our beautiful ethnicity, our peaceful culture and reminded myself i should be proud of my beautiful country hidden with treasures and gems.

Ralynn Deeniee - Bruneian


3. Brunei is All About Food Hunting!

Every locals know Brunei is mostly about food hunting. Taste the delicious variety of local culinary with cheap affordable prices you can practically eat anything you want. From the local delicacy 'Ambuyat' to Barbecue lamb , different choices of drinks from 'cendol' to ice cream shakes, from all kinds of tropical fruits you see on internet now you can finally taste. One of the great reason to visit Brunei would be because Brunei is Food Heaven.

Sujimy Mohamad

Vlog pasar malam Gadong,Brunei

Faiq Airudin

Makan Brunei : Soto Pabo
Wow! there is so much food choices, the night market is clean and organised. Everything taste really delicious , The barbequed lamb Skewer is my favorite and it only cost $1 !. I would recommend people to try the local 'Kueh' , so many variety of choices . You can also meet and talks with the locals and they would surely help and explain all about the foods. So far, with awesome cheap price, the foods is worth to spend on~

Valerie Tan - Malaysian


Seri Kenangan Beach

DG Production

Tutong Beach - Brunei 2016

Ian Sulyman

Waiting for a Beautiful Sunset
It is one of the best sunset i've ever seen! With the view of the ocean and never ending stretch of the beach sand glowing with explosive colours as the sun is sinking into the horizon. Listening to the laughter of Children playing with their parents and the sound of waves crashing with winds blowing. It couldn't be more perfect than this heaven.

Sasha Aulia Intan - Indonesian



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