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Top 4 reasons to stay in Temburong

great picture of loge from opposite bank

Looking for something new? Five Reasons to Stay with Freme in Temburong.

great picture of loge from opposite bank

Although Brunei is a small country, most Bruneians have never even seen the pristine jungle in Temburong. So whats better than exploring the beauty that lies in your own backyard.


The Freme Rainforest Lodge in Batang Duri has launched many a tour of the lush Temburong region, exploring its rivers, waterfalls, mangroves and national parks. Its rain forest lodge and adventure park is now fully open and has everything you need for an unforgettable experience. Why? It has:


1) Lots of  Activities

 Abseiling duo


Noorlina Zaihal (Brunei): “Really enjoyed the waterfall and the Flying Fox”


Sumithri Rekha (Singapore): “Everything was great. Water activities were super fun.”


After all, a vacation is a chance to relax and have fun! The lodge is set in Brunei’s best outdoor adventure park, where you can hire a canoe or kayak and explore the stunning River Temburong, complete with rapids and beautiful mangroves. If you prefer dry land, hire a bike and cycle your way through the rainforest, feeling the rush of untouched jungle air on your skin. Or try the obstacle course for a fun alternative to the gym!


That covers land and sea, but what about air? There’s the Flying Fox zipwire, and the 10m high Gibbon Tower – the largest of its kind in Borneo – where you can test your climbing prowess.


Another advantage of being high up is you can see a lot more.


2) You’re Closer to Nature


Probocus Monkey


Mrs. S J McCann (UK): “The longboat ride was great fun with the driver and guide pointing out interesting animals, trees… the views from the top of the viewing platform of the canopy were amazing.”


Instead of the roar of traffic or cacophony of crowds, at the lodge you’ll wake up to the fizzy, shimmering song of the rainforest, peppered with the distant creaking of bird calls. The soft sigh of waterfalls, a natural foot spa, and Ulu Ulu and Ulu Temburong national parks are just a long-boat ride away, where you have the chance to spot exotic animals like the colourful pit viper and flashy hornbill.


There are gorgeous vistas from the suspension bridge, Canopy Walkway and 40m high “Crow’s Nest” observation tower over the green bouquets of treetops. At ground-level, sunrise and night-time jungle treks are perfect for seeing and hearing wildlife you may not find anywhere else in the world – 7 of the 8 hornbills in the national parks, and the rare proboscis monkey, are only found in Borneo.



3) You Can Still Have Comfort and Convenience


Mrs.S J McCann (UK): “The environment at the lodge was very good! Created by very friendly staff and the surroundings were meticulously clean and tidy”.


As great as it is to be on vacation, the odd home comfort never goes amiss! The lodge has hot showers with wet and dry areas, comfy wooden bunks, and the all important air con and wi-fi. Food is of course on offer, and nothing beats a selection fine Malay cooking or BBQ dinner. There are secure lockers to stash your stuff, male and female bathrooms, and multilingual staff available 24/7 in case you need anything.



4) Get a Taste of Culture and History!




You can’t beat the authentic, real experience you get from experiencing the rainforest for yourself. The staff of the Rainforest Lodge are all from the local area, so they’re a mine of information about rainforest living, local foods and customs, and where to spot wildlife. The lodge itself was built from low impact, eco-friendly local materials from the surrounding forest, and matches traditional decor too.


Not enough? There’s a tour to a working Iban longhouse, and you might even have the chance to meet one of Borneo’s last “medicine men” on one of our jungle treks, and even taste his signature dish of bamboo chicken!


Freme Rainforest Lodge in Brunei has you covered for adventure, nature, comfort, fun and amazing experiences:


Janet Leong (Malaysia): “…will definitely recommend my friends and family… If I am to come to Brunei for any outdoor trips I will look for Freme.”


Paul and Ali (Australia): “Such a nice and relaxed tour! Thank you…We will recommend to Lonely Planet and our friends and family”.


Victoria (Singapore): “I love the tour guide! Well, I love all the places that we went. So I would just like to say: I LOVE Brunei!”


So why not take a walk on the wildside with us?


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