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Top 5 tips for a stress free flight

We go on holiday to get away from stress and relax. Whether it’s a short flight from Paris to Berlin. Or a long flight from Singapore to London flying can be stressful. So along with our travel experts we have created the top 5 tips to avoid a stressful flight.

image101. Be Prepared

You are likely to be waiting around for ages in never ending queues. Make sure that you have all of your documents in a easy to get to but secure location. You don’t want to get to check-in desk or boarding gate and have to faff around for passport or ticket. Make sure you bring a pen, at some stage you will be asked to fill in a form of one kind or the other and the availability of a pen will be in short supply.


2. Pack light.

Whilst it maybe tempting to carry your whole life with you. It is not wise as many airlines have strict restrictions on what you can take into the cabin with you. Also, you should remember that you are going to have to lug that case everywhere with you. Everywhere you go it goes. No one wants to carry a heavy bag around with them. Pack only the bare essentials, important travel documents, power bank, something to read. Remember for taxi and takeoff you can use your phone or laptop.


3.Stay hydrated.

Water is so important when on a flight. Airline cabins aren’t humidified which means that you can start to feel thirsty and you skin and nasal passage start to dry out. Your body is telling you that you need to drink. Whilst it maybe tempting to reach for the coffee or soft drink, these drinks will actually dehydrate you.

4. Dress sensibly.

Before you even get on the plane you are going to have to pass through security and you will be asked to remove your belt, shoes, earrings, belly bars, 1900’s pocket watch anything that might set off the scanner. Do you really some of these items? It would be wiser to wear comfortable clothes rather than having to walk through the scanner and hoping your trousers don’t fall down. Even after security you are going to be sitting on a plane for a while. If you are wearing something uncomfortable it will lead to an uncomfortable flight.

5. Relax.

What’s the rush? Even if your flight time is only 2 hours you are still going to be stuck in the same place for a long period of time. You should take your time to walk around and relax in an area of space. Nothing is worse for a stressless flight than having to get up from your seat for several people after you have already sat down and got comfortable. As long as you get to the gate in plenty of time there is no need to rush to plane as soon as your row is called to board. You are only going to have to wait in another queue to board and wait on the plane whilst other passengers board.

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