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Travelling For The Adventure

The adrenaline rush, the laughter, smiling eyes and happy tears are the memories that we will never forget ,the moments we spend with our best friends, soulmate and loved family. Its the moment we wished stayed forever and never ends. Here is the list of some amazing adventure Freme  can offer you~ and you can finally create those beautiful memory.
waitomo caves

Waitomo Caves, New Zealand

You can explore magical glow worm displays and stunning limestone formations in their purest form and at your pace. With no concrete paths or electric lighting, this is a genuine wilderness experience. You’ll be taken through pristine native bush into the heart of our magical glow worm environment.

jiuxiang karst cave

Jiuxiang Karst Cave

Kunming is well known for its magnificent underground Karst caves frequently referred to as the Underground Stone Forest which makes it an important if not essential destination for the visitor to Kunming. This park is probably one of the best in the world. A walk through the carefully illuminated caves will be rewarded with some spectacular sights at almost every turn.


Mt Sorak

Embark on a remarkable journey into Mt. Seoraksan National Park and marvel at the majesty of Mt. Sorak, the highest amidst Taebaek Mountain Range. This region boasts lush and mountainous scenery that's breathtaking to see all year round.


Pamukkale Calcareous Hot Springs

Pamukkale, meaning "cotton castle" in Turkish, is a natural site in Denizli in southwestern Turkey. The area is famous for a carbonate mineral left by the flowing water.In this area, there are 17 hot water springs in which the temperature ranges from 35 °C (95 °F) .The reflection of the limestone in a hot spring at Pamukkale is beautiful and gorgeous.

buenos aires

Devil's Gorge Buenos Aires

Long before the Spanish explorer Don Alvaro Nuñes reached South America’s greatest waterfall in 1541, the local Indians had named it Iguaçu – meaning great waters. There is no more fitting description, as thousands of visitors to Iguassú each year will testify. Once seen, the falls – all 275 of them – are never forgotten. The two-mile wide curtain of water crashing 300 ft over a series of precipices into a spray-filled gorge constitutes the most spectacular sight of probably the whole of South America.


Boat Trip at Lake Ohrid, Europe

Its crystal clear waters and shores are a rare beautiful view. It is all surrounded by mountains and from the shore you can see a marvellous panorama and Albanian shores. In the lake you will also see many fishermen boats that make the landscape even more romantic.


Formosan Culture Village Taiwan

Thousands of Taiwanese Mountain Cherry Blossoms were planted in the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village and when spring time comes, the flowers are extremely beautiful. The annual "Formosan Aboriginal Cherry Blossom Festival" is the leading cherry blossom watching event in Taiwan. The theme park also provides the option of being wedded in the "Stone Cherry Blossom Park", adding a touch of romance to the beautiful scenery.

Beni Mellal the castle

Beni Mellal City Morocco

Beni Mellal en route to Marrakech is a newfound hotspot for travelers and tourists to Morocco.Here, you can buy handcrafted woolen Berber blankets, olives that grow plentiful on the opposite valley, and throughout the summer enjoy the oranges that supply the orange juice vendors their supplies in Djema El Fna square each night.One of the best reasons to travel to Beni Mellal is to enjoy the hikes, pistes, and cascades of the area rich with stunning views.


Grand Canyon USA

With its ever-changing and dramatic scenery of enormous proportions, the Grand Canyon is one of the world's most spectacular landscapes.With its ever-changing and dramatic scenery of enormous proportions, the Grand Canyon is one of the world’s most spectacular landscapes. Its pine and fir forests, painted deserts, sandstone canyons, mesas and plateaus, volcanic and geologic features, the Colorado River, perennial streams, and waterfalls breathtakingly combine to form one of Earth’s greatest landmarks.

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