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Tremendous Taiwan 6 day Muslim Tour


Located off the coast of south-eastern mainland China the beautiful island of Taiwan lies on the western edge of the ring of fire and continuous tectonic movements have created majestic peaks, rolling hills and beautiful coastlines. Taiwan is known for its diverse cultural heritage, the friendly nature of its inhabitants, numerous attractions and plentiful night markets. The unique culture, natural beauty and fantastic shopping areas are only a short flight via Kuala Lumpur away! Enjoy a hassle-free trip away, as unlike any other trips to this island paradise Freme’s 6 day guided tour doesn’t require you to book hotels, book flights, find a halal friendly restaurants or even obtain a visa (if you are a Bruneian citizen). On this confirmed December departure everything has been taken care of for you! No need to worry about flights, hotel, where to eat or even how to obtain a visa, as Taiwan no longer requires one for Bruneian citizens. So, all you need to do is turn up and the airport and enjoy.


Having a tour guide that understands the needs of Bruneian visitors is very important. So, we have lined up a specialist guide who has not only handled Bruneian visitors previously, but will conduct the whole tour in English and Bahasa Malayu. Each excursion has been specially selected and caters for travellers who wish to practise their faith, with easy access to prayer rooms.


Taiwan is full of wondrous attractions, and breath-taking landscapes. Sun Moon Lake located just outside the capital is well known for its unique shape and is the first stop on Day 2 of the tour. Ringed by majestic emerald mountains, the turquoise waters of the lake create an aura of peace and tranquillity. In the distance you will be able to spot the famed Tse-En Pagoda that was built by Cheng Hi Chek as a memorial to his mother. Next up is a visit to Tai Chung Mosque that was built in 2 stages. First, by the local Muslim population who required a place nearby to practise their faith and second with help from the government of Saudi Arabia. Lined with stalls selling anything from the latest fashion accessories to local delicacies, the Tai Chung Fong Jia street market is the best way to end the day.


Areas of outstanding natural beauty aren’t hard to find in Taiwan. Alishan National Scenic area is home to some of the most awe-inspiring sites in the country. Amongst the rolling mountains and deep valleys are reams of luscious greenery and beautiful paths. Rising out from the mist is Da Ta Shan, Alishan’s highest peak reaching over 2,660 meters. From the banana and palm trees at the entrances to the trails to the dense evergreen trees further up, this nature reserve reflects the natural diversity of Taiwan’s ecosystem. Amongst the vegetation is Brother Tree or the tree of 3 generations which is a marvel to behold. This tree was revived twice by the root system of its past incarnations. A must see on a visit to this pristine landscape is the Two Sisters pond due to its octagonal pavilion that sits in the middle of the pond.


Taiwan’s natural beauty can only be matched by its modern interior. The window on China Theme park will leave you feeling like a giant as you walk passed miniature models and displays of famous landmarks such as the Taj Mahal and Statue of Liberty. From the miniature to the gigantic as the next stop is to world famous Taiwan. Rocket to the heavens as the record breaking high speed elevators accelerate up to the observation deck, where amazing views of the city await. At night most famous night market in Taiwan springs to life, with stallholders selling everything from MIlky Sky Lanterns to fine tea leaves. The Shilin night market is split into two distinct sections which shares a symbiotic relationship. One section housed in an old Shilin market building contains over 530 food vendors, whilst the streets and alleys surrounding the market building are filled with cinemas, video arcades and souvenir shops.


We’ve saved the best for last on this tremendous tour to Taiwan, a visit to the CKS Memorial Hall, Marty’s shrine, Taipei Grand mosque and to top it all off a visit to the world famous Pineapple Cake Shop. CKS Memorial Hall is a well-known landmark of Taiwan and was built in honour of the president of the Republic of China Chiang kai Shek. Located nearby from the hall is Marty’s shine. This elaborate structure houses the spirit tablets of about 390,000 soldiers who were killed whilst serving their country during the war of Resistance and the Chinese civil war. It is at the foot of the shrine where you can witness the changing of the guard, an ancient tradition that continues to this day. Upon setting eyes upon the Taipei Grand Mosque it is easy to see why this iconic landmark is a site to behold for the Chinese Muslim population. Amongst the city streets lies the most popular shopping precinct in Taiwan. Ximending is famous for the sheer amount of visitors its get per year. On average 3 million shoppers from around the world flock here every month to grab the best deals in all of Taiwan. In amongst the myriad of stalls is the Pineapple Cake shop. Where, exclusive to this tour you will be able to sample the delights of this fantastic delicacy.


From the awe inspiring beauty of the Alishan nature reserve to the numerous sightseeing opportunities in the heart of Taipei, this tour is the best way to see such a diverse nation without the hassle of planning it yourself or worrying about where to eat. Experience the delights of this diverse nation on Freme’s 6 day guided Muslim friendly tour of Taiwan.

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