Freme Travel is the largest Travel Agency in Brunei Darussalam, employing over 120 full-time staff with three different branches and an average turnover of around $45 million in the past few years.Established in 1971 as a partnership and later incorporated as a private limited entity in 1982, Freme Travel has for over 51 years built and maintained a revered reputation for reliable and professional service and is considered to be the most innovative Travel Agency in Brunei Darussalam. Our unfaltering reputation has also enabled us to secure some of the most prestigious accounts in the country.

Freme Travel Services is an official member of CWT’s Global Partner Network. With combined annual sales of USD$23 Billion , generated by a diverse client portfolio of large corporations (such as Royal Dutch Shell), SMEs and government institutions in over 150 countries and territories, CWT is the world’s leading business travel management company. All partners of CWT must be trusted local market leaders who are carefully screened to meet their rigorously enforced standards of financial stability, management expertise and staff professionalism. Therefore, as a partner of CWT, Freme Travel can be trusted to always deliver the highest standards of service and dedication to our clients.

Independently owned and operated by Freme Travel Services Sdn. Bhd.
About CWT

CWT is a global leader in managing business travel and meetings and events serving organizations all sizes in nearly 150 countries and territories. CWT helps clients derive value from their travel program in terms of savings, service, security and sustainability. The company is also committed to providing best-in-class service and assistance to travelers. For more information about CWT, please visit our global website:

CWT, its logo and associated marks are trademarks of CWT.

Travelife Certification Program

The Travelife Certified award is a recognition of our excellence towards social and environmental sustainability. We comply with more than 160 criteria related to sustainability management, office operations, working with suppliers, and customer communication. Travelife as a certification body is formally Accredited by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), the highest global body for sustainability in tourism, supported by the United Nations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to manage and satisfy the travel service needs of our clients through excellence in service and marketing. We strongly believe in developing long term mutually beneficial partnerships based on trust, value and commitment with both our clients and suppliers.We pride ourselves in our outstanding performance standards, commitment to staff, investment in technology and the ability to provide flexible and innovative business solutions for all our clients.

Our Products & Services

Inbound Tour

We are the market leader specializing in inbound tourism to Brunei Darussalam as well as the island of Borneo using Brunei as the gateway.

Our operations specialize in special interests adventure activities, corporate team building, education programs, sports (eg. golf) and many more. We have our own fleet of coaches as well as fully trained guides to ensure that our customers get the best experience and standards of service.

Freme Travel’s Brunei based packages include Eco Adventure Tours to Ulu Temburong National Park, where customers can stay overnight at our very own Rainforest Lodge while experiencing a taste of nature.

Our other packages are Kingdom & Culture exploring the history of the Royal Family and the culture in Brunei, Brunei Bay & Islands which includes water activities, training and attractions as well as Window of Borneo which is a stopover package combining features from all our packages.

Outbound Tour

Our Outbound team specializes in carefully designed packages for both groups and individual travelers. We pride ourselves in being able to provide the best value for money and ensuring that our tour partners are of the highest standards.

We also provide the service of designing special ‘made to fit’ packages based on specific requests from our individual clients.


Freme is an appointed Agent for Brunei Shell handling their leave travel and we also handle some of the most prestigious corporate and Govt. accounts in this country.


Our comprehensive range of travel products and services include flights, cruises, hotels, rail, car rental, transfers, tour packages and medical screening packages. Our diverse, professional and multilingual consultants located in any of our four branches are always ready and eager to assist in any way they can.

Clients can be assured that they will receive the best possible price quotes as due to our high volume of transactions, we are able to obtain attractive industry rates and savings which are passed on to our customers.

With a turnover of approximately USD$50 Million, Freme Travel is growing from strength to strength. We continue to strive for excellence and to exceed expectations of both our clients and trade partners. Our clients can be assured that every small detail of their travel arrangements are taken care of, and that their travel experience with Freme Travel is an enjoyable, memorable and safe one.

What our customers say

  • Stefan Peters & Group

               Our friendly tour guide, Aqilah showed us all the interesting part of the trip.                  It was perfect!

    Stefan Peters & Group
  • Stephanie & Jeff Barrus (US Embassy)

    Our favorite is Kayaking and Canopy walk + asking Questions about the forest and iban culture. With Freme Iban Guides, Their knowledge and attitude make the trip better with freme than other operators.

    Stephanie & Jeff Barrus (US Embassy)
  • Mr Aaron

    Excellent package, friendly staff + a wonderful experience that us + the kids will remember for a very long time.

    Mr Aaron
  • Sgt Mimlal Thapa

     I am Super Satisfied with the facilities provided by Freme Rainforest Lodge Temburong. I enjoyed everything!

    Keep it up the standard, indian style cuisine around the afternoon was finger licking utterly, butterly delicious. I ate atleast 2 plates ( Min & his team were excellent).

    Sgt Mimlal Thapa
  • Dhirendra Rai

    we love hiking, boating, rock climbing, BBQ, and Zip lining. Nice food and very polite and helpful staff.

    Dhirendra Rai
  • Hye Ran Cho

    We love riding the longboat, Going to waterfalls, and Rafting down the river.

    Hye Ran Cho
  • Joachim Family

    Food, longboat tour , zipline are our favorites.

    Joachim Family
  • Carly Stewart

    We had an excellent day out! Aqilah was very Helpful and Informative~

    Carly Stewart
  • Tini Rostika And Eviana

    We love all activities and Foods!

    Tini Rostika And Eviana
  • Ross Bannister

     we love the Butterflies, bugs, dragonflies, waterfall and more!

    Ross Bannister
  • Rebecca Dillon

    Our favorite is the zipline!

    Rebecca Dillon
  • Ciara Higgins

    Very kind Tour Guides & Very accommodating staff.

    Our tour guide Sufi is a five-star!

    Ciara Higgins
  • Ravi Karsan

    We love the coffee with a sunrise walk.

    Ravi Karsan
  • Ruey Yang

    We love the Longboat journey through the river and Floating back to the lodge.

    Ruey Yang
  • Mr Edwin

    our favorites are Floating(Tubing down the river) and Riding the longboat.

    Mr Edwin
  • Charlotte Ashodi

    Longboats + waterfall are our favourites.

    Charlotte Ashodi
  • Suzi Jones

    It was fun & everyone was so friendly.  We are sad that we have to leave. Keep doing all that you are doing. You bring joy!

    Suzi Jones
  •  Hanafiah Moksin

    We love the temuai(longboats) ride & Morning hill view and everything

    Hanafiah Moksin
  • Yushida Yusuf

    The flexibility of time no rush on spending time for picture taking, and we didn’t have to stick to the planned itinerary.

    Yushida Yusuf
  • Aqilah

    The waterfalls and the canopy were a lifetime experience we also enjoy Rafting down the river in a rainy weather

  • Sagar Gurung

    Our Favorite is the Dinner & Breakfast also the hospitality demonstrated by the staff was above my expectation.

    Sagar Gurung
  • Abdul Aziz Johari

    We love Everything, Punctual & Organized

    Abdul Aziz Johari
  • Izah

    Flying Fox and herbal trail are our favourite. We like it slow pace and refreshing. We are also impressed the staff can do everything, e.g The Flying Fox

  • Leli, Australian High Commissioner

    It was great to learn about local Iban culture, including during our herbal medicine walk. The zipline was also lots of fun. Staff were very flexible - particularly in response to the rain, thank you.

    Leli, Australian High Commissioner
  • Therresia Citta


    Atmosphere, Aqilah (Tour guide) was a great host and very knowledgeable, there was no rush and relax the tour. She shared a lot of information, the explanation were great.

    Therresia Citta
  • PMO

    Sightseeing and learning more about the rocks stones in Temburong. It was a safe trip, although there were high elements (canopy walk and obstacles (waterfall).

  • Gareth


    The friendliness of our tour guide (Min) to show us everything the view from canopy walkway was superb. Rafting was good fun, a very enjoyable experience. A friendly & confident tour guide, tree top walk was great and waterfall visit highlight.

  • Dr. Anto


    Where do i even begin? The whole trip was phenomenal! From the moment of briefing, till the very end. Excellent service, my favorite part would be the rafting and reaching the top of the canopy with the trees.

    Freme and the team are well equipped with impeccable English skills, everyone took safety into consideration and everyone was patient. Look like no one need any suggestions, exceptional service. The driver, tour guide, lunch ladies, thank you!

    Dr. Anto
  • Richard


    The serenity and the guide.

  • Joseph Heath


    Boat trip into virgin rainforest was spectacular. The waterfalls was really cold & refreshing - freezing!

    Joseph Heath
  • Garret Flynn

    The guide was very patient with our children and showed them how to write the rocks and build rock towers. We loved the kayaking and ziplining, my 4 year old squealed with delight.

    Garret Flynn
  • Nursyafiqah


    I enjoyed the waterfalls, food service and more. Our tour guide was really friendly and made sure all of our safety. I hope to visit here again for next year.

  • H.E Dato' Reza


    Thank you for arranging the trip to National Park Ulu Temburong, we really enjoyed the program - the boat ride, Canopy Walk, the waterfalls, rafting & lunch. I really appreciate the personal attention that you gave to us & the VIP treatment. We definitely come again, perhaps in different itinerary.

    H.E Dato' Reza
  • Nurdinie


    Most activities are enjoying especially the rafting & kayaking activities. It was the best & refreshing ever.

  • Ms Amilia from BIBD


    it was all good.. the tour guide Zul and the young one (forgot his name) took really good care of us.. I mean the tour guides while we going to the waterfall.. the ones at d lodge also treated us very well.. from parking to intro and explaining guidelines... Overall well done .. good teamwork and the photos of us while rafting are a plus! Facilities and equipment all good as well... Very nice.. we liked the first waterfall better.. wish we had more time to enjoy with privacy but its ok.. school holidays already.. and maybe we could've done the tubing as well next time

    Ms Amilia from BIBD
    March 2021
  • Ms Phang and PTY TEAM


    We have to admit we are a bit challenging for the local guides as we have 18 persons in this group with majorities in 50s and 60s. We have one not so strong 70 years old lady and another 72 years old sturdy lady. The local guides were really fabulous. They are not only friendly but extremely helpful to the needy guests and were paying attention to every detail of safety requirements. We would like to applaud them for such arrangement, their patience and their big hearts!

    Ms Phang and PTY TEAM
  • Ms Phang and PTY


    We all enjoyed our one day Temburong trip. The good memories we brought back will stay with us for many years to come. We will not hesitate to recommend our friends to join Freme for this trip.

    Ms Phang and PTY
  • Tesus Mora (Venezuela)


    The whole tour was excellent, especially the boat tour, Canopy and the Multi-tower activity. The rooms were clean and comfortable. Food was excellent. Personnell were excellent and good service.

    Tesus Mora (Venezuela)
  • Nicole Amma (Brunei)


    We enjoyed everything! Swimming in the river, absorbing the sceneries & clear water during the boat ride. Being on the flying-fox and enjoying the sceneries at the canopy. Keep up the Great work!

    Nicole Amma (Brunei)
  • Md Aiman Ifwad (Brunei)


    The whole tour, from the longboat ride to the flying-fox. Everything was fun!

    Md Aiman Ifwad (Brunei)
  • Siti Hafsah (Brunei)


    Enjoyed the arrangement by Freme! Well done! We're most satisfied. Keep it up!

    Siti Hafsah (Brunei)
  • Azlin Zulkifli (Brunei)


    Awesome Hospitality. Great coverage of activities - Trail to canopy, 1 waterfall, Great Food!.

    Azlin Zulkifli (Brunei)
  • Maita Gunung (Nepal)


    Really enjoyed the Rafting - Longboat, Flying-fox, Abseiling and cooling down in the waterfall. Overall excellent activities and service

    Maita Gunung (Nepal)
  • Lal Shanti (UK)


    Excellent Service. Tour Guide in particular was so polite and helpful. Overall Good Customer Service, able activity coordinators and good value for money.

    Lal Shanti (UK)
  • Manjee (South Africa)


    The whole day was excellent! We can't pick just one activity. The food was delicious and the guide was helpful. The boat was masterfully steered. Everything was awesome!

    Manjee (South Africa)
  • Leong Mong Seng (Brunei)


    Tour Guide and Staff are very friendly. Excellent Food. Lodge was very hygienic and comfortable

    Leong Mong Seng (Brunei)
  • Shyh Poh (Brunei)


    I really enjoyed the boat trip and water activities. Lunch was very good. Tour guide was friendly and knowledgeable.

    Shyh Poh (Brunei)
  • Jonie (Philippines)


    I really enjoyed the canopy walk, waterfalls and water activities. Sunset too! I wish we could have done the night walk but the weather last night wasn't good.

    Jonie (Philippines)
  • Gauthia Carol (France)


    I loved the waterfall, canopy walk, water activities and THE FOOD!

    Gauthia Carol (France)
  • Cwhoting Sherpa (Nepal)


    Rafting was the best part for me

    Cwhoting Sherpa (Nepal)
  • Lee ruh chung


    We loved the longboat trip to Ulu-Ulu Temburong National Park, Jungle Trekking and Canoeing

    Lee ruh chung
  • Saizul & Akmal Md Shariff (Brunei)


    We really enjoyed the waterfalls and the activities at the lodge.

    Saizul & Akmal Md Shariff (Brunei)
  • Norazimah Raub (Brunei)


    We really enjoyed the rafting, the waterfalls, flying fox and especially the food!

    Norazimah Raub (Brunei)
  • Yu Wen Juan (China)


    Very Beautiful!

    Yu Wen Juan (China)
  • Then & Alvin (Philippines)


    We enjoyed the canopy tower & Rafting. It was really good and we took alot of nice photos. Really good Adventure!

    Then & Alvin (Philippines)
  • Karl (UK)


    The Longboat ride on the river was very enjoyable. The quaint and peaceful outdoor, and the freezing cold waterfall. The kids really enjoyed the Flying Fox and tower activities. Two Thumbs up!

    Karl (UK)

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